Someone watched Mother Teresa minister to the poorest of the poor, feeding and nursing those who were dying. He was so overwhelmed by what he saw that he asked Mother Teresa, how can you carry such a burden and not be broken by it? She replied and said, “I am not called to be successful but I am called to be faithful.”

Over the years and from time to time, I’ve reflected on Mother Teresa’s words, “I am not called to be successful but I am called to be faithful.” Wow! Is this not what God wants us to do in our journey of faith? So many times in our lives, we are almost “conditioned” to strive to be the best we can, to do the best we can and to attain the best we can. Why? Why? Because we long to be successful in our lives…in our family, in our school, in our work, in our church, in our interactions with people, in our society… Our young people talk a lot of success and they are driven to seek material success; success is measured by wealth. Sometimes, we are so driven and strive so hard to be successful even at the cost of neglecting and sacrificing our own treasured relationships with family and with God. Sadly, we end up paying a horrible price for it all…

If the truth were to be told at some point in our life’s journey, we’ve all failed God in terms of our genuine faithfulness to Him. We’ve all failed to be faithful to the tasks that’s before us; we’ve all been weak, lacking in our resolve and determination to do that which is right and just; we’ve lacked in our one hundred percent commitment to God and to our faith; we’ve repeatedly failed to go all out for God! But here is the good news: The Scripture says in 2 Timothy 2.13, even though we become faithless and failed God repeatedly, God always remains faithful; even when we are less than we should be, God continues to be all true… God’s relationship with us never changes. It is God’s very nature to be true and faithful.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not humbled by God’s amazing faithfulness; I am beyond thankful. Not only am I amazed and humbled, I am challenged every day to give my best; to give my all; to go ALL out for God and to do so unreservedly because God gave me God’s ALL.

Friends, as we move towards the Holy week and Easter, I want to challenge us to seriously think and pray about how we can grow more in our faithfulness to God. I encourage you to search your own heart. How can we become more faithful in our relationship, communication and prayer life with God? How can we become more faithful in our attendance of worship and fellowship with other members of the family of faith? How can we become more faithful in our acts of giving of our tithes, offerings, gifts and time to God? How can we become more faithful in actively serving and engaging ourselves through acts of witness and service to help our neighbor?

A beautiful hymn says it this way: “Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father. There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, Thy compassion's, they fail not. As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be. Summer and winter and springtime and harvest. Sun, moon and stars in their courses above. Join with all nature in manifold witness. To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.”

Let’s take our example from God Himself. God’s faithful relationship with us never changes; God always remains faithful to us so much so that He gave his ALL to us. If so, why shouldn’t we remain faithful to God through our life and acts of service? Do we not owe our ALL to God?

Pastor Wesley SK Daniel

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Sometime ago, I heard a legend that was told about Jesus, right before he ascended into heaven. Some people came to Jesus and said, “Jesus, you have worked hard with your disciples to spread the good news of salvation to every nation, city, tribe, culture & language. But, what is your marketing plan to continue to spread the good news of salvation, after you are gone?” Jesus said, “I have a plan!” “What is it,” they asked with much curiosity? “My disciples will share the gospel, the good news of salvation to one person at a time and they will proclaim the message to the whole world.” Then, the people said, “What if they fail to share the good news, what plan do you have?” Jesus said, “If that were to really happen, then I have NO other plan.”

Jesus also said, “I doubt if they will stop sharing the good news of what I’ve done for them because through me they have experienced the Father’s unconditional love, compassion and grace. And in response to my love they will make my very last command of making disciples their very first concern. And, in the power of the Holy Spirit, they will announce my Father’s gracious offer of forgiveness everywhere they go, and to every one they meet.” “This is my plan and the only plan I have.”

People who were gathered around Jesus said, “What kind of people have you chosen to share the gospel message? Are they sharp, dynamic, articulate types with charismatic leadership and exuberant personalities that can draw in the crowds?” Jesus interrupted and said, “I have chosen a few smelly, uneducated fishermen, a couple of leather-skinned shepherds, a greedy tax collector, a political zealot, some disillusioned religious folks, an ex-prostitute, a prisoner, a doctor, a business-woman, a tent maker and just a few others…”

A person in the crowd said, “But, Jesus, how can you entrust the greatest enterprise and marketing plan to people such as these? The risk is too great! Surely your plan to share the gospel message through these people will not and cannot succeed.” Seeing that the crowds were running out of questions, Jesus replied, “It is not a risk because they will not fail.

I have made NO other plans to spread the Good news of my redemption and offer of eternal life with the Father. These men and women will not fail me. I HAVE NO OTHER PLAN TO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS OF MY LOVE” Jesus said.

Friends, a tiny handful of the most unlikely characters, enriched with the dynamic power of the living Christ; through the presence of Holy Spirit, did NOT fail. Witness the church throughout history and its growth in the world today. Christianity has not only survived all kinds of obstacles, but God’s plan of spreading the gospel through one person; in turn, sharing with another person; what God has done in their life, has successfully prevailed. YOU AND I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY IF THEY HAD FAILED.

With God’s help, we at LifeQuest have attempted to follow God’s plan of spreading the Good News to grow our church! Each one sharing what God has done in our life with another, and inviting persons to come and see and taste the love of Christ. Making an observation about LifeQuest’s plan to grow, one person said, “Pastor, one size does not fit all.” Frankly, I don’t know if one size fits or doesn’t fit all. All I know is, there is only ONE PLAN and that’s the plan of Jesus!

The Lord remains committed to just this ONE SIMPLE PLAN: He wants to use EACH ONE of us to REACH ONE of our family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances (and strangers, too), by sharing what God has done and is doing in our life, and then, extend an invitation to someone to come be a part of the family of faith! And, if we step forward in faith, and in response to God’s love, we will NOT fail either! We have no other marketing plan, friends. We only have one plan. Will you join us in accomplishing this plan to share the Good News and grow the community of LifeQuest!? Please think, reflect and pray about these things.

In the Journey with you...Dr. Wesley SK Daniel, Pastor

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