About Us

LifeQuest Ministries is a community of faith that welcomes people from all walks of life. Based in the West Des Moines area, our faith community was born out of deep prayer, passion and a vision to reach multi-generational and multi-cultural people with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

As a Christian community of faith, we practice and express radical hospitality, inspirational worship experiences and sound and practical Biblical teaching. We seek to grow and be nurtured in our journey of faith, while providing a warm and safe place for children and adults alike.

In our quest to know God and make God known, our mission is to help persons experience the life-changing power of God's love; cultivate a community of genuine care and compassion; transform lives, our society and the world; and fulfill our God-given destiny and purpose in this life.

About LifeQuest


We are committed to bringing people and communities closer to God. Through our prayers and outreach ministry, we aim to do what Christ did when He walked on this earth. At LifeQuest Ministries in the Des Moines metro area, we invite people to be part of a journey with God. While this journey is different for each one of us, we long to be instruments used by God. You will learn more about this invitation to journey with God when you join our inspirational worship experiences, study (life) groups and other ministries.


Our Core Values


By saying "I will give you life and abundant life," Jesus Christ was giving us a purpose and destination. Our faith community models our core values from these principles:


               We welcome and embrace all of God's children with deep reverence and respect.


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity.


We demonstrate God's compassion and transformational love through the actions of our lives.


We strive for excellence to please God and honor one another.

LifeQuest Team
Dr. Wesley S. K. Daniel
Paige Chapman

Pastoral Ministry Associate


LifeQuest Family

Director of Music Ministry Open Position

Parent Volunteers

Quest Kids/Children's Room Parent Volunteer Leaders

Pastor Daniel comes with over thirty years of rich experience of serving the church in numerous capacities. He has a strong passion and love for Jesus Christ, and constantly seeks to discover relevant ways of "packaging" the Gospel message to current generations and the culture. He believes with all of his heart that God has called him to initiate and plant the new faith community of LifeQuest.


He is devoted and dedicated to this mission, believing God will do great things in the days to come. He is a compassionate and deeply caring person; a person of faith, courage and hope. On a personal note, he loves fine dining, travel, the beauty and majesty of oceans and mountains, and loves to target shoot.

Paige has over 15-years of ministry experience and leadership in serving two new church starts. She is especially passionate in helping people connect their own journey of faith; to the life of the church, discovering their spiritual gifts and revealing their purpose in serving God. Ask her why sometime!

Paige and her husband Jeff, have three children. Kevin is a Staff Sergeant with the USAF and lives in Delaware with his wife Susie. Derek lives in Des Moines with his wife Alina and works for the State of Iowa, and Lydia will be graduating from Iowa State University May of 2019 and recently was engaged to her finance, Jared. They also have an English Spring Spaniel name Chloe.

The Chapman's enjoy family gatherings, camping, hiking, riding Harley motorcycle, and traveling to discover beautiful, new destinations.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Director of Music Ministry at LifeQuest serves as the music and worship leader every Sunday morning. This person must demonstrate a strong Christian faith and values, be passionate about praise and worship, a versatile and flexible team member, as well as a gifted musician who is versed in both traditional and contemporary music. LifeQuest worship every Sunday @9am at Noah's Event Venue in West Des Moines. 

If you have an interest in drawing people closer to Christ and are interested in this music ministry position, please send resume to Pastor Wes Daniel at: weslifequest@gmail.com