About LifeQuest

We are committed to bringing people and communities closer to God.

Through our prayers and outreach ministry, we aim to do what Christ did when He walked on this earth. At LifeQuest Ministries in the Des Moines metro area in Iowa, we invite people to be part of a journey with God. While this journey is different for each one of us, we long to be instruments used by God. You will learn more about this invitation to journey with God when you join our inspirational worship experiences, study (life) groups and other ministries. Please call us to learn more about our hopes and dreams to serve God.

Our Core Values

By saying "I will give you life and abundant life," Jesus Christ was giving us a purpose and destination. Our faith community models our core values from these principles:

Reverence — We welcome and embrace all of God's children with deep reverence and respect.
Integrity — We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity.
Compassion — We demonstrate God's compassion and transformational love through the actions of our lives.
Excellence — We strive for excellence to please God and honor one another.

Woman Praying

Our Vision

Our vision is to know God and to make Him known! Our faith community invites people to participate in a life-long quest and journey with God. Whether you are someone without faith, on a journey to learn more about the Christian faith, have a strong faith in Christ or anywhere in between, LifeQuest is here to help you experience a dynamic relationship and a genuine journey with God. Ultimately, we want to help fulfill your God-given destiny.

Welcoming Donations

Join us as we develop our faith-based community and share God's word both locally and globally. Contact us to learn more about our mission and ministries and how you can partner with us.