About LifeQuest Ministries

LifeQuest in the Des Moines metro area in Iowa is a community of faith that encourages and invites everyone to remain passionately in love with God, love one another and serve to bring about a transformation in our society and the world. Our identity is shaped by:

Radical and Extravagant Hospitality

We welcome and embrace all people without prejudice or judgment. We value you for the distinct spiritual gifts, life experiences and resources you can share and bring to our faith community.

Discipleship Focus

Every person in our community of faith is encouraged to follow Jesus Christ by learning His ways, becoming a disciple and generously using one's time, gifts and resources to help one another. Instead of just fostering members only, our faith community believes in developing and maturing Christian disciples. We connect you to God through acts of worship, and nurture your faith through the study of God's word. We then become God's agents of change through acts of care, mercy, compassion, justice and love.

Life Groups

The primary growth points for developing mature disciples happens in life groups intended for all ages. These small groups provide an atmosphere that allows you to be in fellowship, ask any question, explore any thought, and express any doubt. Ultimately, we want you to show care and compassion by sharing God’s love through acts of service in the community and the world. Join one of our life groups today!

The purpose of life groups:

Faith-based communities are fostered • God’s word is engaged • God is worshiped • Faith is discussed in relevant ways • Concerns and dreams are shared • Mutual prayers are offered • Mission projects are embraced • People are routinely invited to mature and grow in their quest and journey to follow Jesus Christ!

Team-Based Leadership

Individual leaders are constantly building and strengthening teams for work in the community. We make sure nothing is dependent on any one individual. We work as a team, as a family of faith.


People are offered a regular opportunity to contribute their financial gifts to support meaningful outreach endeavours that change the lives of people in their neighborhood and in the world. We practice the act of giving as taught and demonstrated by the disciples of Christ through tithing.


Every person involved in our faith community invites friends, relatives, acquaintances and neighbors to participate in this exciting journey. Each leader is focused on developing other leaders, and each life group is committed to multiplying and launching other disciple (small) groups.

Fluidity and Stability

A new community of faith such as ours must have a sense of fluidity, since many things are bound to change. Even the most carefully planned strategies may potentially change overnight. As leaders, we remain open to accepting this reality. In seasons of change and transition, the leadership will be willing to go with the flow and still be able to regroup, restrategize and make definitive, decisive and intelligent plans based on our given situations. We keep ourselves open to God and to one another.