Discovering and Fulfilling  

Our God-given Destiny and Purpose in Life

Open Hands

LifeQuest Ministries is a new community of faith that invites everyone to be on a journey with God and inspires change in people's lives.

Rediscover God's unconditional love through LifeQuest Ministries. Our faith community promotes reaching out into the community with the love of Jesus Christ and in our quest to fulfill our God-given destiny. We encourage you to share God's love through daily acts of love, kindness, compassion and mercy. No matter what your background may be, we welcome you with loving and outstretched arms. If you want to join our faith community or you would like to receive additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Faith Community

In our quest to know God and make God known, we seek to live an extravagant life of God's abundant love and service with people around us! 
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About LifeQuest

LifeQuest Ministries is a community of faith that welcomes people from all walks of life. Based in the Des Moines metro area in Iowa, our faith community was born out of deep prayer, passion and a vision to reach multi-generational and multi-cultural people with the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

As a Christian community of faith, we practice and express radical hospitality, inspirational worship experiences and sound and practical Biblical teaching. We seek to grow and be nurtured in our journey of faith and provide a warm and safe place for children and adults alike.

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Our Mission

In our quest to know God and make God known, our mission is to help persons experience the life-changing power of God's love; cultivate a community of genuine care and compassion; transform lives, our society and the world; and fulfill our God-given destiny and purpose in this life.